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IMPORTANT: What to Know About These UPDATES

Welcome to Pain-Topics News/Research UPDATES.
Here is some important disclosure information for all readers – updated December 2013.

These News/Research UPDATES were previously a component of the Pain-Topics.org website. The mission of these UPDATES is to serve as a noncommercial resource for healthcare professionals and their patients, providing open access to clinical news, information, research, and education for a better understanding of evidence-based pain-management practices. All contents are copyrighted by Stewart B. Leavitt, MA, PhD (SBL PhD, Ltd.); reproduction or excerpting are allowed for educational purposes only, must be without commercial or promotional intent, and must acknowledge the source (including the URL link).

Financial Support
As of December 2009, these UPDATES have been independently produced, without external funding. Previously, they were supported in part by medical education grants and sources of funding support were fully disclosed at the site at the time of posting. By mutual agreement, and in accordance with current standards, supporters had no influence over the selection of contents, their editorial development, or their presentation.

How UPDATES Topics Are Selected
Topics are selected based foremost on their relevance and importance for the clinical practice of pain management. The focus is on evidence-based approaches and, primarily, on therapies that are approved, or near approval, for implementation in the United States. For the most part this excludes treatments that are experimental or in early stages of development. In some cases, complementary and alternative medical therapies are discussed if knowledge of these would be worthwhile for readers. Finally, reports and events relating to pain management may be discussed if they are deemed to be of importance for healthcare providers.

An important role of UPDATES is to offer critical appraisals or analyses of the selected topics from evidence-based perspectives. This acknowledges that items appearing in print or news media cannot always be trusted as being accurate, reliable, and valid. Every attempt is made in these critiques to remain objective and to raise important questions for readers to consider; however, the authors of UPDATES posts may have their own biases that also should be considered. Also see DISCLAIMER below.

About Links to Resources
Unless expressing personal experience or opinion, UPDATES authors must include resource references for the health or medical information noted and, when available, URL links must be provided. For reader convenience, all URL links within webposts to other resources open in new browser windows, so access to the “parent” page is easily maintained. All links are checked for functionality prior to posting; however, some may change and not function in the future, which is beyond our control.

Whenever possible links to free access of whole articles or documents are provided. However, many publishers do not allow free and open access to their offerings and, in such cases, links may lead to article citations and abstracts (and, from there, interested readers can purchase or subscribe to full access if they so desire).

A guiding philosophy of Pain-Topics UPDATES is the concept of “Open Access,” which is the dissemination of vital medical and healthcare knowledge in such a way that it is immediately and easily available to all potential users without financial or other barriers. Unfortunately, medical publishing has become a massively profitable industry, and copyright owners can and frequently do charge sometimes exorbitant fees for their offerings. This is beyond our control.

Reader Comments on Posts
Readers are encouraged to comment on UPDATES posts. Commenting is an important form of peer review and a way that readers can also share their own experience and perspectives on the given topic. Submitted comments are reviewed before they are actually posted, but they are not censored or edited in any way. Comments containing promotional or advertising messages (including embedded URLs), vulgarity, or long discussions of personal health issues are not allowed. We cannot respond to personal health questions. To learn more, please see our Comments Policy.

The information, opinions, viewpoints, and/or analyses expressed in UPDATES postings are those of the sources cited, of the named author, or of the "posted by" contributor. News/Research UPDATES items generally are not peer-reviewed prior to posting.

Factual information from news and research sources is sometimes edited for length and/or modified for clarity without altering essential data as originally published. As a rule, we do not endorse any medications, products, services, or treatments mentioned or discussed in any of the UPDATES. Nor are any representations made concerning the medical efficacy, appropriateness, or suitability of any such medications, products, services, or treatments.

In view of the possibility of human error or advances in medical knowledge, we do not warrant that the information contained in News/Research UPDATES is in every respect accurate or complete, and we are not responsible or liable for any errors or omissions made by the original sources or for results obtained from the use of this information. If there are questions or needs for further information, readers are advised to consult the reference sources cited or competent medical authorities.

Contact Information
If there are questions about these UPDATES, readers may contact us by e-mail: Stew.Leavitt [at] Pain-Topics.org

The above information was last reviewed/revised on: December 8, 2013.