Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pain-Topics UPDATES Comments Policy

All readers are encouraged to comment on UPDATES article postings. Submitted comments are reviewed before they are actually posted — which may take up to 24 hours — but they are not censored or edited in any way. Commenting is an important form of peer review and a way that readers can also share their own experience and perspectives on the given topic. However, in order to maintain a professional, constructive, and helpful tone, certain types of comments will not be allowed, according to the following guidelines and at the discretion of the site moderators/editors:
  • Our editors reserve the right to reject and not post comments that we deem to be offensive, vulgar, mean-spirited, a potential violation of privacy, or in any other way unprofessional or inappropriate.
  • Comments to UPDATES are NOT intended as a forum, message board, or bulletin board for discussing individual medical cases or airing complaints, concerns, or grievances about specific treatments, healthcare providers, or institutions (whether from the practitioner, patient, or family perspective). Such comments will be rejected.
  • Comments containing promotional or advertising messages (including any with embedded promotional URL links) are not allowed.
  • We cannot accept or respond to personal health questions. Comments focusing primarily on descriptions of personal health issues of the writer are not accepted for posting.
  • Due to space concerns, long, rambling comments of more than a few concise paragraphs are generally not allowed.
  • For liability reasons, comments that disparage, attack, or slander individuals, branded products, or institutions by name cannot be posted.

We do welcome and encourage comments that challenge, contest, or otherwise disagree with our UPDATES content, as long as they are written in a concise, thoughtful, and constructive manner in accordance with the above guidelines. While we strive to foster a climate of open response and discussion, we make no apologies for also wanting to maintain a professional, user-friendly, and helpful tone in these Pain-Topics UPDATES.

This Policy was last reviewed and revised on December 8, 2013.